Choose Ohio First Scholarships

The Scholarship Special Interest Group is responsible for:

  • Identifying and applying for funding for student scholarships/stipends.
  • Manage student recruitment and awarding of scholarships.
  • Facilitating all aspects of the scholarship program at local colleges/universities.
  • Participating in reporting activities for the scholarship program.

Scholarship Opportunities

Choose Ohio First for Bioinformatics Scholarship Program [pdf]

It is the intent of the COF-Bioinformatics program to provide information about the goals, requirements, benefits and progress of the scholarship program and to keep application materials available. As the program grows links will be added to the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium's main web page that will point to pages highlighting bioinformatics as a discipline and potential career field, the partnering institutions, and research opportunities for students. For more information about the Consortium please click "Organization" in the left menu.


Sarah Wyatt, Ohio University



International Society for Computational Biology
International Society for Computational Biology grants affiliate status to the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium
Ohio Regional Student Group

Membership Opportunity

Please click here if you are interested in becoming a member of the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium and collaborating with other bioinformatic researchers in Ohio.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board participates in the strategic planning of the consortium.

The Consortium Advisory Board provides guidance to the Coordinators and Steering Committee about all aspects of the Consortium through annual meetings. Click here for the Advisory Board members.