The Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium strives to enhance educational opportunities and research infrastructure throughout the state to make Ohio a world leader in bioinformatics and to facilitate new discoveries in data-intensive biomedical research.

We carry out this mission through several activities:

  • Developing a statewide, comprehensive bioinformatics curriculum.
  • Providing scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students who are studying bioinformatics.
  • Performing outreach to encourage K-12 students to pursue careers in bioinformatics.
  • Organizing the annual Ohio Collaborative Conference on Bioinformatics (OCCBIO).
  • Developing bioinformatics infrastructure to facilitate new discoveries in biomedical research.
  • Performing basic research that will lead to better bioinformatics algorithms and models.
  • Discovering new knowledge by utilizing bioinformatics capabilities.
  • Interacting with the bioinformatics-related industry to understand their needs.
  • Facilitating industry internships and research experiences for students.

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The Challenge

With all the wealth of information being created, and much more on the way, both bioinformatic and statistical analyses have become a serious bottleneck. This is due to a need for more broadly educated and computationally skilled people who are able to understand the biological principles behind the data, engage in multi-disciplinary talk, and generally make sense of the data being collected.



International Society for Computational Biology
International Society for Computational Biology grants affiliate status to the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium
Ohio Regional Student Group

Membership Opportunity

Please click here if you are interested in becoming a member of the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium and collaborating with other bioinformatic researchers in Ohio.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board participates in the strategic planning of the consortium.

The Consortium Advisory Board provides guidance to the Coordinators and Steering Committee about all aspects of the Consortium through annual meetings. Click here for the Advisory Board members.